Recycling Trash into Flowering Treasures  © 2009

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"I like to think it is my way of recycling trash into flowering treasures that hopefully will bring a smile to all who see them."

The artist, Sharon Zigrossi, has a BS Degree in Design and is a Dallas County Master Gardener. The artwork reflects her passion for gardening, painting and the collecting of found objects that she incorporates into her unique art pieces.

Sharon Zigrossi "My Blooming Hub Caps were inspired this summer by a found wheel cover that I had propped against my garage. I noticed that the wheel’s design had a petal pattern similar to the sunflowers in my garden. For fun I grabbed my paints and transformed it into a blooming sunflower. Soon a burst of color and creativity started to grow in my garden as I painted and added mosaic materials to the various wheel covers and hub caps I had collected. I began displaying them outside in my garden as yard art. When friends and fellow gardeners saw the wheel flowers they wanted to buy them as a colorful addition to their garden. Others liked them as an interesting wall decoration in their houses. Now they're available for a unqiue addition to your home or as a one of a kind gift!"